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Our Services


Our highly trained and motivated teams of inspectors will provide on site support at your facility in an unrivaled response time.

They will not only assist in evaluating the situation, but will also provide all the necessary work instructions and data reporting essential for continual improvement.

All of our teams are self managed with a dedicated working supervisor on the job site at no additional cost to the customer.

Continuous internal auditing is performed on all activites to ensure adherence to our customer's and our own expectations.


Building on our knowledge and experience in the industry, we have been able to help our customers be much more cost effective through our rework processes.

Rework can often provide an alternative to scrapping product, or may even be required to keep lines running to avoid the extensive costs of lost productivity.

Once we have salvaged the product, we will also do what is necessary to re-inspect the suspect parts to validate our process and certify that the product is now withing our customer's specifications


Quantum Group has the experience and expertise to ensure you and your customer are protected from non-conforming product entering the production process.

Our teams specialize in partnering with customers at the outset to clearly define the problem, gather and analyze the data, identify the root cause and expedite implementation of permanent corrective action to minimize the unbudgeted costs of quality.

Supplier Representation

We have the ability to give you full service representation with a broad network of qualified quality professionals to help improve relationships with your customers and provide vital information via detailed daily reports.

We offer custom plans to meet your specific needs resulting in significant cost savings by eliminating travel expenses and the opportunity cost of having key resources out of the manufacturing facility.

Quality Engineering

By partnering with our customers in a proactive manner we can eliminate escapes and provide immediate feedback to the production line so that processes can be fully stabilized

The engineers at our employ are highly skilled and knowledgeable with the flexibility to collaborate with you through the entire process be it short or long term.

Our employees have been involved with and expedited many customers through various processes such as product part approval, advanced product quality planning, and failure mode and effects analysis.